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property management books

Property Management Books You Should Add to Your List

Reading property management books can help you learn about the best practices and master the intricacies of the perfect hosting and property management.
If you are looking to expand your knowledge, we can help you make your search for a great book faster. We’ve made a list of the top books on property management and property investing.

Booking Extranet

Booking Extranet: How to Navigate It?

If you are looking to rent out your home or apartment on to earn extra money, you should know how to use this platform and all its advantages. To help you get started, we’ll discuss here in detail how to use the Booking Extranet.

How Much Do Property Managers Charge

How Much Do Property Managers Charge?

Thinking about hiring a property manager but are not sure whether it’s worth the cost? Should you pay someone to take care of the ins and outs of managing an Airbnb rental property for you, or is it better to DIY and keep the money? Read the post to learn more!

short-term rental furniture

Short-Term Rental Furniture: Furnishing Your Rental Property

To catch the attention of potential guests and maximize bookings, it’s essential to create a perfect home that will look clean, modern, and inviting. So you need to design and furnish your STR property for the best guest experience. Read this guide to uncover hands-on design and practicality tips.

choosing a cleaning company

Short-Term Rental Cleaning: Independent vs. Cleaning Company

There are three ways of keeping your STR property clean. Do it yourself, hire an independent cleaner, or hire an established cleaning company. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each option.

airbnb co-host

Airbnb Co-Host: Beginner’s Guide

Co-hosts help Airbnb listing owners take care of their rental property and guests. They’re often a family member, neighbor, trusted friend, or someone the host has hired to help with the listing. Read this post to discover how to make Airbnb co-hosting effective and efficient.

OTA meaning

OTA Meaning Explained

If you are looking to start a vacation rental business, you should know that listing your rental property on OTA websites will open the door for many opportunities and experiences. And the best thing is that it will allow you to reach more potential guests and get more bookings. So what is an OTA?

new name new jokes

New Name, New Jokes – a Message from the CEO

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we changed our name recently. We were very excited to share the news but we never went into detail about the reasons behind our decision.

vrbo fees

Vrbo Fees for Owners: How Much Is Vrbo Charging You?

Today, the Vrbo boasts over two million private homes in over 190 countries and attracts millions of vacation rental guests searching for the perfect stay. But is it the right listing site for your short-term rental property? Read the post to learn about Vrbo fees for hosts.

Hospitable animated

Smartbnb becomes Hospitable

As of August 10th, 2021, Smartbnb becomes New name, same team, same product, same support.

best cities for Airbnb 2021

Best Cities for Airbnb Investment 2021

If you’re planning to buy a short-term rental property to make money from real estate this year, you will want to know where the best cities for Airbnb investment in 2021 are located. Read the post to discover the details!

Sync update June 2021

[New Features] Availability and Pricing Sync

When you list your vacation rental property on more than one site, it’s important to sync your prices and availability on all your booking channels. It’s much easier with hospitable if you enable our new sync features. They will save you a lot of time.

US Market projection

US Short-Term Rental Outlook: What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond?

May 2021 data show that short-term rentals recorded month-to-month increases in occupancy in many markets worldwide. So what does the future hold in store for the STR industry and short-term rental hosts? Read the post to find out!

Calendar update June 2021

[New Features] Calendar

The hospitable team is continuously working on improving our system to help you automate running your short-term rental business.
Recently, we have added several new features to the Calendar.

Guest Experience Update June 2021

[New Features] Guest Experience

hospitable has released some new features that were highly requested on our feedback portal. Now, we would like to share with you our updates in Guest Experience.

airbnb host tips

Airbnb Host Tips for a Simple Hosting Routine

Being an Airbnb host can be time-consuming and even overwhelming if you don’t know how to manage your business correctly. Here are some Airbnb host tips that can help make hosting easier.

start bed and breakfast

How to Start a Bed and Breakfast Business: Essential Steps

Owning and operating a bed and breakfast can be an excellent option to earn extra money, and under certain circumstances, it can be extremely profitable. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps on starting and running a successful BNB.

vrbo cancellation policy

Vrbo Cancellation Policy: Short Guide for Hosts

Vrbo cancellation policy is a must-have for any host. It will allow you to provide your guests with the necessary information about their booking and be covered if your guests don’t show up. Explore the options and best practices in our guide.

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